Vendor Managed Replenishment

Vendor Managed Replenishment (VMR)


Our strategic alliance with Mar-Kov allows us to be ahead of the pack in warehousing and replenishment systems. We are experts in the application of their powerful software and are producing cutting edge results for our clients. Mar-Kov have tailored their systems to the SKU intensive fashion and apparel industry and unlike other systems, it won’t treat your commodity like car tires. You will experience results immediately. Enquire today and learn how Powerhouse Retail Services Inc can help you increase your turns and improve your sales



VMR Services

Receive POS Sales

    • EDI 852 Data
    • Any machine readable format
    • Store permanently

Track ON Hands by SKU

    • Store permanently for each week
    • Better reporting

Receive blank PO Numbers from Retailers

    • By EDI
    • By fax or email

State of the Art Reporting

    • Store performance
    • SKU performance
    • Actual/Planned
    • In stock analysis
    • Powerful forecasting

Replenishment Order Generation

    • Reverse EDI 855 PO’s
    • Target in stock percentage maintained
    • Maintain fixture/presentation integrity
    • Optimum program performance

Shipping Forecasts

    • 100% shipping
    • Increased warehouse turns

Benefits of 3PL

    • State of the art replenishment
    • Eliminate RTV’s
    • Eliminate stock outs
    • Increased turn rates
    • Cost-effective customer-driven solutions
  • Reduce markdowns
  • Higher GMRO11
  • Sophisticated accurate forecasting
  • Automated Invoicing

Submit your enquiry today and enjoy the peace of mind that only Powerhouse Retail Services Inc. can provide.

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