In-Store Detailing and Merchandising

In-Store Detailing and Merchandising


Powerhouse Retail Services Inc has a 300 strong work force, servicing the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry across Canada. Our high energy team of skilled agents and designated sellers will ensure that you maintain brand consistency across all stores, own the floor space and maximize your selling season through higher sales.




You can also combine your merchandising with our 'NEW' Designated Selling to maximize your in-store sales results. We can literally take care of everything. Our 'un-rivalled' replenishment systems and 3PL services will add value to your supply chain management and ensure that your product is taken care of from distribution right through to the showroom floor. We can even take care of your billing.




NEW!! Designated Selling

What ever happened to good old personalised customer service? The reality is that big box stores are pushing what used to be considered 'traditional retail services', back to the vendor. As a result, In-Store Detailing and Designated Selling is not a luxury anymore, it is an industry necessity and a vital part of delivering the intended brand message to the end user.


Our designated sellers (dressed in your current clothing line) will greet your customers with a great attitude and a smile. We train our reps on the product line so they will know your product intimately and ensure that your potential customers have everything they need to make that special purchase. In addition your set will be left in-stock, detailed and looking great. Don't leave the final stage of your value chain to chance!


In-Store Detailing and Merchandising Services

    • Designated selling (NEW)
    • Obtain key strike zones
    • Set up fashion statements
    • Ensure your product is on the floor and not in the stock room
    • Re-folding
    • Re-packaging
    • Re-hanging
    • Re-ticketing
    • Take orders and obtain PO numbers
    • POS set ups
    • Planogram resets
    • Inventory counts
    • Cycle counting
    • Cleaning and dusting
    • Completing surveys
    • And many more

In-Store Detailing and Merchandising Benefits

    • We are your eyes in the store
    • Eliminate stock outs
    • Live reporting and communication so you know what is happening in the store at all times
    • In-store photos (See the before and after)
    • Written reports
    • Excel based reports
    • Flexible and timely execution (Our reps are on-line)
    • Three year history
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