Employment Opportunities


At Powerhouse Retail Services Inc, we are proud of our warm, family-orientated culture that is based on the values and individual needs of our employees.  We support the personal and professional development of everyone in our family and create a safe enjoyable work environment.

Our responsibilities to our employees

Embrace Diversity…Embrace Innovation…Embrace Change

  • Individuality — As a Powerhouse Retail Services Inc. employee, your difference is your strength.  We value and understand the many benefits of a diverse workforce including the fun that it brings to our work culture.
  • Security — Our long list of loyal (over 10 years of service) employees is a testament to our strong leadership.  We support and foster a deep sense of job security.  No-one is just a name and number.
  • Work life balance — At Powerhouse Retail Services Inc we believe your family is an important extension of our family. We know the importance of family and the need for work/life balance programs that allow for personal growth, enjoyment and wellness.  We provide flexible creative solutions through compressed work schedules and flexible work arrangements whilst never losing site of our business needs and targets.
  • Open communication — Our flat structure and culture encourages the open exchange of ideas, suggestions and complaints between everyone.

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