Third Party Logistics

Third Party Logistics (3PL)


How much are you wasting?...According to Stats Canada, Inventory carrying costs for the Canadian retail industry in 2004 were over 10.3 billion. This staggering cost can be reduced by using Powerhouse Retail Services. We are fully EDI integrated so you can sell through to the big box stores without the need for expensive systems. Concentrate on your core competencies and allow us to eliminate your internal logistics headaches. We are the service force that can execute all your 3PL needs.



3PL Services


    • Fully 3PL EDI compliant (943,944,940,945)
    • Integrated retail EDI (Sears, The Bay, Costco, Wal-Mart, Winners, Zellers)
    • Integrated retail EDI (850,860,865,855,856,810,820,816,997)


    • Checking quantities
    • Checking price tickets
    • In-bound ASN’s (856,943 and custom formats)

Receiving and Reviewing Orders

    • By EDI
    • Auto-upload from Excel or Website
    • By mail, email or fax
    • Advising product shortfall
    • Credit approval

Warehousing Storage

    • RF environment
    • Carton tracking by bin location
    • Paperless pick and pack
    • Storage in clean safe location
    • Flat packed or on-hanger
    • Perpetual inventory records
    • On-line reporting

Pick and Pack Orders

    • ‘Six Sigma Quality’ (Less than 1 defect per million events)
    • Accurate scanning systems
    • Production of MH10 labels

Shipping and Invoicing

    • Make appointments
    • Arrange transport
    • Create and send EDI and ASN’s
    • Create and send invoices (US$ or CAD$)


    • Create and replace price tickets
    • Replace packaging
    • Prepare pre-packs

Benefits of 3PL

Lower Overall Costs

    • It is well documented that collaborative planning between the key stakeholders in the supply chain will lower your cost.

Optimise Management Resources

    • In a post-recession environment it is important for companies to focus on a dominant brand strategy.  Concentrate on your ‘core competencies’ and let Powerhouse take care of the rest.

Improve Working Capital

    • Reduce the costs associated with carrying to much inventory
    • Re-invest your spare cash into capital growth projects

Eliminate Errors

    • No more non-compliance bills.
    • Our fully integrated EDI systems ensure accurate execution.

Improve Costing Accuracy

    • Simple per/unit billing systems will allow you to forecast accurately.

Unlimited Warehouse/Staff Resources

    • We provide the flexibility for your business to react quickly to current economic conditions and eliminate the associated overhead peaks.
    • Whatever your needs are? We will ‘make it happen’.
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